BIOL 3050 Tropical Biology (Costa Rica Expedition)

BIOL 3050 Tropical Biology

(Course is offered in the Maymester term from May 11-23 between the Spring and Summer semesters)

Tropical Biology is an exciting course that meets for 45 hours of instruction at GGC (over a 5 day period); then GGC students travel to Costa Rica for a 9-12 day trip in the rainforest.

Students will explore the rainforest, savannah, rivers, waterfalls, volcanos, and beaches in the tropics.  Students will directly experience the sights, smells, and sounds of the rainforest.

Students will explore nature by taking: (1) several hikes in the rainforest,(2) night hikes looking for treefrogs and other noctural wildlife (3) several boat trips that focus on birdwatching.  Students in the 2011 expedition viewed over 100 species of birds, 3 types of monkeys, and numerous reptile and amphibian species.  Rare animal species such as 3-toed sloth and the kinkajous were also seen.  In additon, many of plant species including several beautiful orchids were seen and explored.

Student will experience high adventure in activities such as: (1) traveling on ziplines through the rainforest canopy, (2) whitewater rafting, (3) kayaking across Arenal Lake, (4) swimming in waterfalls, and (5) swimming at the beach.

Students will interact with the Costa Rica people in numerous settings. Students in the 2011 expedition interacted in several ways, including: (1) visiting an elementary school, (2) learning to salsa dance, (3) visiting a banana plantation, and (4) several visits to various nightclubs.

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